12 Singles On What Would Send Them Running During A Date

Dating can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking, as it opens up the possibility of finding a meaningful connection with someone new. However, not every date is destined for success, and there are certain red flags that can send singles running in the opposite direction.

In this article, we’ll hear from twelve singles on what would send them running during a date. From deal-breakers to awkward situations, these real-life experiences offer valuable insights into the world of dating.


For many singles, observing how their date treats waitstaff at a restaurant speaks volumes about their character. A lack of respect or condescending behavior towards service staff can be a major turn-off.

Phone Checking

In a digital age, it’s not uncommon for people to be glued to their phones. However, constant phone checking during a date can make the other person feel unimportant and disengaged.


A date is an opportunity to get to know each other, but excessive self-centeredness can be a deal-breaker. Singles appreciate mutual interest and engagement in conversation.

Exaggerated Stories

While a bit of storytelling can add charm to a date, excessive exaggerations or obvious lies can lead to distrust and uneasiness.


Respecting personal boundaries is essential in any relationship. Ignoring them during a date can be uncomfortable and indicate a lack of consideration.


Whether it’s being rude to strangers or speaking ill of friends, rudeness towards others can be off-putting and indicative of potential future conflicts.


Having a drink or two during a date is common, but over-indulging in alcohol can lead to awkward and unsafe situations.

Religious Views

Differences in political or religious views are natural, but extreme and uncompromising positions can create conflict and division.


A date is an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation. An unwillingness to listen and constantly dominating the conversation can be discouraging.

Constant Bragging

Confidence is attractive, but constant bragging or flaunting of achievements can come across as arrogant and self-absorbed.


Respecting each other’s pace in a relationship is crucial. Pushing for physical or emotional intimacy too soon can make the other person uncomfortable.

Personal Beliefs

Everyone has their unique beliefs and values. Disrespecting or belittling someone’s personal beliefs can lead to a lack of compatibility.


Dating is a journey filled with excitement and discovery, but it’s also essential to be mindful of the red flags that could send singles running during a date.

From lack of respect for waitstaff to excessive self-centeredness and disregard for personal boundaries, understanding these experiences can help singles navigate the dating world with more clarity and confidence.


Can a date recover from early red flags?

It depends on the specific situation and the individuals involved. Some red flags may be overcome through open communication and growth, while others may indicate fundamental incompatibility.

What if I notice red flags during a date?

Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable or notice consistent red flags, it’s essential to prioritize your safety and well-being.

Are red flags always evident during the first date?

Not always. Some red flags may become apparent over time as you get to know the person better.

Can people change their behaviors and overcome red flags?

People can change, but significant behavioral changes often require personal awareness and commitment to growth.

How can I communicate my boundaries during a date?

You can express your boundaries politely and directly when the appropriate moment arises, ensuring open and respectful communication.

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