DIY Cat Trees and Cat Houses

Explore the benefits of homemade cat trees and cat houses, including cost-effectiveness, customization options


 Learn about different cat tree and cat house designs, such as vertical scratching posts, multi-level structures

Choosing the Right Design

Discover the essential materials and tools needed for your DIY cat furniture projects, including sturdy platforms

Gathering Materials and Tools

Step-by-step instructions for constructing a cat tree, including assembling the base, adding vertical posts

Building a Cat Tree

Explore various cat house ideas, such as repurposing old furniture, building a cardboard castle, or constructing a cozy outdoor shelter

Creating a Cat House

Enhance your DIY cat furniture with enriching features like dangling toys, interactive elements, climbing ramps

Adding Enrichment Features

Get creative and personalize your cat tree or cat house with decorative elements, such as colorful fabric, hanging plants

Customizing and Decorating

Avoiding Kitten Fraud