Puppy Crate Whining Tips

Introduce the crate as a safe and comfortable space, not a place of punishment for your puppy

Crate as Safe Space

Gradually introduce the crate by placing treats and toys inside to encourage positive associations.

Gradual Crate Introduction

Start with short crate sessions and gradually extend the time to help your puppy acclimate.

Short Crate Sessions

Avoid giving attention when your puppy whines, as it may reinforce the behavior." 

Ignore Whining

Place a comforting item with your scent in the crate to make your puppy feel secure.

Comforting Scent

Engage your puppy in play and exercise before crating to reduce restlessness.

Tire Out Before Crate

When your puppy is calm, release them from the crate to avoid rewarding whining behavior.

Quiet Release

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