Top 7 Signs of a Bad Boarding Kennel for Your Dog

Filthy kennel spaces and unsanitary conditions are red flags. Ensure your dog stays in a clean and safe environment.

Dirty Facilities

A jam-packed kennel can lead to stress and anxiety in dogs. Look for facilities with appropriate space for each pet.

Overcrowded Spaces

Professional and trained staff are crucial for your dog's well-being. Avoid places with inexperienced or careless handlers.

Untrained Staff

Regular exercise is essential for your dog's health. Choose a kennel that provides ample playtime and physical activities.

Lack of Exercise

Ensure the kennel has secure fencing and measures in place to prevent escapes or intruders.

Poor Security Measures

Verify that the kennel staff can handle medical emergencies and administer medications if needed.

Inadequate Medical Care

Choose a boarding kennel that is open and honest about their policies, fees, and daily routines.

Lack of Transparency

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