Top 7 Stair Safety Tips for Dogs

Evaluate your dog's mobility and confidence with stairs. Some may need more guidance and support, especially if they are older or have physical limitations.

Assess Your Dog's Ability

Secure stair gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent your dog's access when unsupervised. This ensures their safety and keeps them away from potential hazards.

Install Stair Gates

Proper lighting on the stairs, especially during the evening. Good visibility helps your dog navigate safely, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Provide Adequate Lighting

Apply non-slip treads or stair rugs to the steps. These surfaces offer better traction and stability for your dog, making the stairs safer to use.

Use Non-Slip Surfaces

Train your dog to use the stairs confidently with positive reinforcement. Reward them with treats and praise as they learn to navigate the steps.

Train with Positive Reinforcement

Small dog breeds may struggle with taller stair risers. Consider using pet stairs or ramps to make their ascent and descent easier and more secure.

Support for Small Breeds

If your dog has mobility issues or injuries, consider carrying them up and down the stairs to prevent further strain or accidents.

Carry Dogs with Mobility Issues

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