Understanding Cat Diarrhea

Sudden dietary changes can upset your cat's stomach and lead to diarrhea. Gradually introduce new food

Dietary Changes

Food allergies or sensitivities can cause diarrhea. Consult a vet for a suitable diet plan

Food Allergies

Eating spoiled food or garbage may result in diarrhea. Ensure your cat's access to safe food

Ingestion of Spoiled Food

Intestinal parasites, like worms, can lead to diarrhea. Get regular deworming for your cat.


Cats may experience stress-induced diarrhea due to changes in their environment. Create a calm space.

Stress or Anxiety

Bacterial infections can affect the digestive system, leading to diarrhea. Consult a vet for proper treatment.

Bacterial Infections

Viral infections, like feline panleukopenia, can cause diarrhea. Seek immediate veterinary help

Viral Infections

Signs Your Cat Needs an Emergency Room