Unveiling the Enchanting World

Borzois, known as Russian Wolfhounds, are a stunning sight to behold with their elegant and graceful appearance

Graceful Borzoi

Unearth the rich history of Borzois as hunting dogs in Russia's royal courts. They were prized for their speed and elegance

Noble History

Borzois are exceptional sighthounds, possessing keen vision and a natural instinct for chasing prey

Sighthounds Extraordinaire

Despite their imposing size, Borzois are gentle and affectionate companions, forming strong bonds with their owners

Gentle Giants

Borzois boast a long, silky coat that adds to their regal charm. Discover grooming tips for their luxurious fur

The Coat of Beauty

Learn about the specific care needs of Borzois, including exercise requirements and training considerations

Caring for Your Borzoi

Borzois enjoy the company of humans and other dogs, making them sociable pets with a gentle demeanor

Social and Affectionate

Understanding Cat Diarrhea